I say like it is, Ola Hughson, Boston, Massachusetts:
my visit to Anthro New England Online 2021, or ANE-O, as I call it.

written on 23.02.21; edited on 26.02.21 - fixed errors/typos and one image.

I am not a furry convention veteran. My only experience was watching BBF's movies, one short visit to EuroFurence 23: Ancient Egypt, and some odds and ends here and there. I had some image of what I can expect.
I was told of the event by more than one furs, one of which actually helped me by reminding me about it - they're a DJ and were playing a set on ANE; I embedded it below so you can listen.

I first visited over an hour before their set; it was already saturday for me (I live in Poland, i don't use its TLD in my server address as a meme :P). I wandered around, got myself a pair of shoes, and met a few friends.

⇪ Me in front of Boston Park Plaza Hotel ⇪

Jessica the Kitsune Cavalier before⇪ and after⇩ registration

⇪ ...and getting down to ground floor. With a sneaky fox watching her from behind! ⇪

⇪ Pretty cute fox, I must add. AFAIR their name was Fwanky. ⇪

In the meantime, I got myself a con badge and room key, and decided to see my room; Jessica has shown me hers, and I expected the same, but I got a bigger one, with a double bed :3

⇪ Here's the con badge... ⇪

⇪ ...and a key to my room. ⇪

⇪ Let's go in~ ⇪

⇪ Some furs were looking around it. I assume this is not an event in real-life ANE. I hope not... ⇪

⇪ But anyway, time for room tour. This is the corridor, facing the doors, from inwards. On the left there's bathroom. ⇪

⇪ The bathroom features a shower cabin and a sink. I wish my apartment IRL had a cabin. ⇪

⇪ Then we enter the middle portion, with a nice decorative flower, a wide, comfortable sofa, and a picture of a horse. ⇪

⇪ We're almost in the end of the room. There's a TV and and an armchair there. Carpeting and the walls are pretty uninspiring, but this is something to be expected in a hotel.
There's also a giant pixel art Snorlax outside it, barely seen thru on this pic. When ANE returns back to the hotel IRL, I expect the city of Boston to erect such a work of art. ⇪

⇪ And here's my bed, along with some other furniture! ⇪

⇪ Jessica testing my bed. ⇪

When the sun got up in Virtual Boston, i took a unmisguided tour of the city.

⇪ There were some works of pixel art. This one has a destroyed environment as a backdrop, but it's faked very well; I admire the effort of map makers in making sure we feel there's more than just this re-created part. As for the Kaiju Clash backdrop - you'll see it from a different perspective later on. ⇪

⇪ Oh, look, another fops! ⇪

My paws then graced the iconic Back Bay Station.

⇪ I must say, it looks better in MC, than IRL; at least judging by the photos... ⇪

⇪ Here's the main concourse. These signs are a few of many examples of items customized in a way I wish I knew how to do it. Can someone teach me? ⇪

⇪ What can I say, I like trains. ⇪

⇪ This is the waiting space for passengers. It features ticket offices and some restaurants⇩...

⇪ ...including Dunkin' Donuts, which is, supposedly, pretty popularin Boston. This is not the only one there, tho; there were a total of 4 Dunks. ⇪

⇪ Time to go to the platform, I hope i'm not late for my train! ⇪

⇪ Quick look at some of the historic station photos. ⇪

⇪ I quickly rushed to the train... only to discover that I should board the other one! ⇪

⇪ Good. Now I can travel from Boston to Boston, just like YMO had a world tour from Tokio to Tokyo (spoiler alert: they're the same city). ⇪

⇪ Here's a coffee brew one could buy at the station. At the time I had no idea this is actually a thing

Time for more sightseeing!

⇪ The hotel lobby. ⇩

⇪ That avatar was in one of the hotel's lounge areas. Was it a real person, albeit on other server instance? Was it a bot? Or was someone practicing kabbalistic magic and created a golem? We'll never know. In any case: TRANS RIGHTS! ⇪

⇪ At this point, you can maybe make out that I did not install the server's resource pack. I fixed that mistake... in the last hours of its existence. ⇪

⇪ BTW, this was the place where the mask was; you had to jump onto the bookshelves, and over the grating into the 18+ zone in Dealers Den. ⇪

⇪ View towards one of the Dunks. There was a hole in the street, meking going there an obstacle I won over near the end of the con. ⇪

⇪ Look at the spawning place (roughly at the closest trees on the left; a bus was put there on the last day of the con). ⇪

⇪ View towards the Boston Public Garden. Sorry for my low depth of view. ⇪

⇪ Gift shop! ⇪

⇪ It was pretty empty inside tho. ⇪

⇪ Really empty. There's a room on the right, I wonder what's inside... ⇪

⇪ ...okay, weird but okay. ⇪

⇪ View on Kaiju Clash from the hotel's roof. ⇪

⇪ Hidden Dunks with Al Pacino at the counter! ⇪

⇪ They say furries are wealthy, yet no one ate in this Gordon Ramsey restaurant. Weird... ⇪

⇪ Outside a shady store, which sells Jungle Juice. ⇪

⇪ Another example of pixel art - Peeking Paws. ⇪

⇪ Inside the hidden cathedral. ⇪

⇪ Is this supposed to be Excalibur? ⇪

Welcome to the Area 11.

⇪ This looks like a AIO computer. And I need it in my game. ⇪

⇪ Consoles in Game Room. ⇩

⇪ This is that Snorlax I mentioned earlier in my room tour. ⇪

⇪ The convention mascot has a statue here as well. ⇪

⇪ Views on a typical travel with the MBTA. ⇪

⇪ Inside the hardest-to-reach Dunks. ⇩

⇪ Inside the sewers. They may be turtles, maybe even ninja and mutants, but they ain't looking like teenagers to me! ⇪

⇪ I told you I'll show you what's behind Kaiju Clash, right? ;) ⇪

The following are most notable views from beyond the part of Boston we were supposed to be in.

⇪ I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to look there from this perspective. ⇪

⇪ I like how it disobeys the laws of gravity. ⇪

⇪ Kaiju Dunks, I think. ⇪

⇪ There was indeed a hidden zombie behind the curtains. ⇪

⇪ ...what's this? ⇪

⇪ Time to take a selfie with the rainbow beacon! ⇪

⇪ Can I move here? Pretty please??? ⇪

⇪ That church was indeed a place of worship. The question is, through, who is being worshipped here... ⇪

⇪ More of this in game maps architecture please. ⇪

⇪ Can it play darude sandstorm? ⇪

⇪ When you need some dystopia kick. ⇪

We return to the non-scheduled programming with other fun stuff!

Everyone wanted to take part in a commemorative picture! ⇩

#ANE2021 came so fast and just like that it was gone 💔 This Final day was bittersweet but I'm glad I met everyone who went~~ Let's all ride this furry bus home together 🌉 pic.twitter.com/bsbfqWP88b

— B u n n y🐰 ➡️ (VIRTUAL) ANE2021 (@blooglasses) February 22, 2021

⇪ I spot a skunkette!

⇪ The real party is outside in the sewers. ⇩

Well, to finish off Virtual ANE 2021, we had a sewer party. Why? Because why not. (No fursuits were harmed in the stinky sewer). It was great meeting you all! See you around! And for those who are tagged, help me tag the ones who aren't! @Anthro_NE #ANE2021 pic.twitter.com/mO0LK4rZrl

— Blu Pupperoni (@Blu_Pup33) February 22, 2021

In the Jungle, in a- in a- jungle

⇪ I finally installed the resource pack! Here's how I looked in full gear. ⇪

⇪ Lights in the sky owo!!! ⇪

⇪ Minecraft can sport CUSTOM EMOJI??? ⇪

⇪ The Final Roof Party. ⇪

Thank everyone for the wonderful times at #ANE2021. It was nice being able to come out of my shell and hang out virtually with so many faces, including @CanineLykos @LikoClave @NovaKnight21.

This was one of the most memorable con experiences, and hope to cross paths again soon! pic.twitter.com/UElmZTkbkw

— Mephont PayneGrey (@MephySkitty) February 22, 2021

Overall, I liked the experience and would return again if it was hosted in MC next year! :3